Design & Engineering

Design Support

Our highly experienced team designs a variety of products using the advanced design tools. We ensure that we offer best-in-class technical solutions that fully reflect requirements of our customers.

Our professional designers have the capability to satisfy customer requirements over the entire range of a project, from basic design to detailed design.

how can we help you?

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Major design areas covered are
  • Composite Product Design
  • Composite Mould designs
  • Production aid jig and fixture design
  • Process design
  • Product detailing
  • Conversion of high-end composite products from basic raw data

 Engineering Support

  • International Design Codes and Standards
  • Our engineering team can adopt and apply all types of international codes and standards like European, ASME, etc.
Advanced Design Activities
  • 2D/3D Design
  • Complex surface geometries creation
  • Composite modelling
  • Mechanism simulations
  • Structural analysis (FEM/FEA) of steel as well as composite structures
  • Thermal analysis of metal and composites products
3D Design
Complex surface geometries creation
Composite modelling
Total deformation
Advanced Design Items
  • Products from the industries like aerospace, defence, spacecraft, mass transportation, marine, etc.
  • Wind turbine composite products like blade, blade internals, nacelle cover and nose cone
  • Ergonomically designed jigs & fixtures and special purpose machines for accuracy and repeatability in wind turbine blade mfg.
Advanced Design Tools
  • Solid Edge
  • NX
  • Catia
  • AutoCAD
  • Power Mill


Research and Development
  • Carry out continuous R&D on composite raw materials to establish robust and cost-effective manufacturing process.