Company Profile

Headquartered in Vadodara, Indutch Composites Technology Pvt Ltd is one of the respected Composite products manufacturing companies in India’s private sector. With over 10 years of a strong, customer-focused approach and a continuous quest for world-class quality, Indutch has unmatched capabilities across Technology, Engineering, and Manufacturing, and maintains leadership among its all competitor.

We are leading experts in the manufacturing of composite products for different industries like Mass Transit, Aerospace, Defense, Wind energy, Aircraft. Our design team designs the best world-class qualitative products for our clients based on their requirements by use of best design software like Autodesk, ANSYS, Siemens Solid Edge. We are using the latest technological process for manufacturing the world-class qualitative product.

We are experts in manufacturing of following products:

(1) Jig and Fixture

(2) Mould and Plugs

(3) Mass Transit Component

(4) Aircraft Parts

(5) Wind Turbine blade internal parts

(6) Spinner parts

(7) Aerospace Parts

(8) Composites Tooling

 Our Team is having rich experience from 5- 10 years in the areas of Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing of various composite products in wind energy, railways, marine, industrial and architectural applications.