CNC Capabilities

Indutch Composite’s state of the art tooling facility in Vadodara operates one of India’s biggest 5-axis CNC machine dedicated to manufacturing master plugs and molds with high precision and short lead times.

CNC machines at Indutch offer extensive working areas and freedom to switch between a single zone or tandem cycles according to the size of the project. The availability of wide range of electrospindles allows for the high-speed machining of composite materials, pre-impregnated fibers, aluminum, steel, Invar 36, and electro-formed nickel alloys with industry-leading surface quality.

CNC Machines at Indutch Composites Technology


CMS Ares

Model Axes Stroke Rapid
Mm (°) m/min °/min
60/26 6000 2600 1200 ±120 ±270 80 70 9000


CMS Poseidon

Stroke X=52000MM, Y=10000MM, Z=4500MM,

A=+/‐120DEG, C=+/‐270DEG.

Positioning Accuracy X=0.49 mm/ full stroke; Y=0.30mm/full stroke,

Z=0.16mm/full stroke; A/C=60arcsec/full stroke

Repeatability X=0.04mm/full stroke; Y=0.04mm/full stroke,

repeatability Z=0.03/full stroke; A/C=25arcsec/full stroke

Power (S1) 20 kW synchronous @10.600rpm
Maximum Revolution speed 24.000 RPM
Torque (S1/S6) 17.8/20Nm


CNC Machines in Munjal Auto Industries

Machine Name Type of Equipment Specifications (mm)
Mistubushi MVR 30 FM Double Coloumn VMC (3+2 axis) 4000x3000x800
Mistubushi MVR 30 Double Coloumn VMC (3 axis) 4000x3000x800
Mistubushi MVR 25 Double Coloumn VMC (3+2 axis) 3200x2500x800
Hwacheon SIRIUS UL+ Double Coloumn VMC (3 axis) 1050x650x550
Mistubushi BA 24 EDM Wire Cut 600x400x310
Mistubushi ED 200M EDM Drill 300×200




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