Engineering Project Management


Indutch Composites has a skilled design team proficient in SolidEdge and CATIA design suites to help customers in designing a product, modeling its real-world behavior, modeling its surface, assembling the model and producing the technical documentation in short lead times.

The skilled engineers at Indutch Composites are proficient in ANSYS for doing structural finite element analysis. ANSYS allows engineers to design various loadings on a structure to predict is behavior without constructing expensive prototypes. Defects like delaminations and crack propagations are easily detected in FEA. FiberSIM is a layup assist tool in ANSYS that analyses the material properties, boundary conditions and loads of the layup design.

Indutch Composites pairs CAD and FEA so that different finite element models can be integrated into the design data for loads to be applied on the geometry itself instead of the nodes and meshes.

Assembly and Commissioning

Indutch Composites will assist the customer in assembling and commissioning the product on site.

 Maintenance and Servicing

Indutch Composites services its products on fixed intervals under warranty and whenever needed beyond that. The customer’s operators also trained on how to service the products with different maintenance plans drafted according to the nature of the product.


Indutch Composites stands by the quality of its products and will inspect the supplied product with cutting edge equipment and replace the damaged parts for no charge under the warranty period. Inspection is also done with a consultation fee for customers who want their composites parts inspected.

Customer Employee Training

Indutch Composites trains the customer’s operators to become knowledgeable about the maintenance and servicing of the supplied product. Training is also done with a consultation fee for companies who want their employees to acquire technical composite servicing skills.

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