Jigs and Fixtures

Jigs are a type of fixture that guides and supports a tool, whereas a fixture is used to secure the workpiece for a process. The tooling team at Indutch Composites designs and manufactures custom jigs and fixtures to produce accurate, repeatable and high-quality parts. Indutch Composites designs tools which are incredibly durable with materials of the highest standard which are then rapid prototyped and machined to the exact specifications of the customer.

Indutch Composites strives to add value to any manufacturing operation by deskilling the manufacturing process using automated, ergonomic jigs and fixtures. Indutch Composites offers metallic and composite fixtures, layup molds, cauls, trim fixtures, drill fixtures, bond assembly fixtures, combination fixtures, test fixtures, and inspection fixtures among other tooling solutions with varying levels of automation according to the customer’s needs..

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