Composites have been a mainstay in marine applications since the 1960s because they helped reducing failure in different international sailing conditions. Composites were first used to make radomes and mass structures, but now, they are being used to make propellers, hatch covers, bearings, exhausts and topside structures of the watercraft. glass-fiber composites (GRP) became mainstream due to their marine applications. Vessels made from glass fibers benefit from having environmental resistance, ability to mold seamless, complex shaped structures, meeting natural frequency requirements, tailoring the right strength, excellent strength to weight and stiffness to weight ratios, superior durability, and easy repairability.
Indutch composites can make composite production boats, superyachts, commercial and military watercrafts using hand-lay GRP, resin-infusion, thermoplastics. Racing yachts are a niche, which employs more composites than any other marine application as their stiffness to weight ratio determines the maximum speed they can sail with against the resistance due to the impact of the waves. Indutch composites can make boat hulls, frames, masts, keels, poles, booms, winch drums and shafting from carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites cored with honeycomb or foam. Indutch Composites has the right technical know-how and experience in delivering solutions to improve quality, cut costs, achieve higher performance and an overall more efficient production through advanced structural engineering, custom tooling fabrication, and rapid prototyping.

Indutch Composites is capable of making submerged composite applications for protection structures submerged valves and wellheads. Composites in submerged applications benefit from having a low weight which drastically reduces the cost of installation due to the lower cost of lift vessels. Composites now are competitively priced with steel and concrete technologies used for these purposes.

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