Mass Transit and Automotive

Mass Transit and Automotive

Composites are the driving force behind why the new generation of trains are more efficient, safe, fast and comfortable compared to their previous generations. The rail industry is rapidly adopting fiber reinforced polymers every year for carriage interiors because the installation of fully modular composite interiors does not disturb the existing carriage structure. Benefits from lighter carriages are improved acceleration, top speed, and braking times which result in the consumption of less energy.

Indutch Composites has completed projects for several of the metro rail projects across India and specializes in Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) applications like trackbeds, gantries, vehicle modules, interiors, lineside furniture and platform systems for high-speed rail systems. Interiors made from composites are stronger, more durable and easy to clean which results in a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs for the carriage. Indutch composites design philosophy for mass transit interiors is giving passenger comfort and safety the utmost importance. Indutch Composites designs interiors in such a way that passengers have the most ergonomic seats with the best in class individual space and leg room. Indutch composites designs adhere to the strictest fire, smoke and toxicity standards while offering excellent noise and pressure insulation during fast motion.

Composites are becoming the mainstay in the automotive industry because of how they reduce cost and weight while increasing recyclability over traditional injection molded and steel automotive parts. Thermoplastic composite materials have transformed the automotive industry because of their zero-solvent emissions, reduced production steps and material scrap, improved worker safety, and recyclability. Thermoplastic composites have also consistently outperformed steel in crash testing scenarios by absorbing nearly eight times the energy steel absorbs. Indutch composites can supply body panels made from carbon fiber composites for sports cars, hatchbacks, sports utility vehicles, buses and trucks of various makes.

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