Master Plugs

Indutch Composites is the leading manufacturer of master plugs for composites in India. Indutch Composites understands that the highest quality plugs are needed to manufacture the highest quality parts. Indutch Composites operates one of Asia’s biggest CNC machines which can produce plugs up to 55-meter length, 10-meter width and 5.2-meter height in one piece with the highest quality surface finish in competitive lead times.

The plugs made by Indutch Composites have an engineered steel frame as their structural foundation, and the surface of the plugs are made of polyester / epoxy-based resin gel coats to achieve a smooth, glossy surface finish. The plugs are put through rigorous sanding and polishing to ensure that the surface finish is stable, homogenous and has a tolerance of 0.2- 0.5 mm.

Indutch Composites makes extremely durable and highly repeatable plugs without the need for fillers. The quality control team ensures that the plugs have dimensional accuracy using a laser tracker, no vacuum leaks, high resistance to heat and styrene, high mechanical loading capacity, and a solid glossy finish over the production cycle of the mold.

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