The medical industry has been experimenting with fiber-reinforced polymer composites (FRP) because of their amazing bio-compatibility, strength to weight and stiffness to weight ratios. The usage of composites in the medical sector consist of  medical devices  and prosthetics. Prosthetics which are artificial limbs take advantage of the high specific properties, fatigue resistance and flexibility of composites to their best extent. Composites are chemically inert, therefore carbon fiber is rapidly replacing metallic and polymeric materials in surgical applications.

Indutch Composites specializes in applications of medical composites for diagnostic imaging systems. Medical Composites in diagnostic imaging systems consist of patient imaging tables and accessories in CT, MRI, X-ray, and PET scans. Imaging systems benefit heavily from composites because composites decrease the instrument weight, and increase functionality and positioning of patients which leads to more clear diagnostic images. Apart from imaging systems, Indutch composites can manufacture composite body implants, surgical and dental instruments.

Indutch Composites has the ability to manufacture surgical quality body implants like inserts for injured cartilage to promote the biological resurfacing of damaged areas in the ligament. Research has proven that the open weave structure of the inserted composites promotes cell growth along and between the individual fibers. Indutch composites can assist in the clinical trials of bone repair materials like self-curing acrylics applications with composites by testing their tensile, compressive, shear strengths, creep and fatigue performance.

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