Composite Structural Repairs

Indutch Composites has skilled technicians who inspect and identify the cause of the damage in the composite structure and design a repair scheme in such a way that the repaired structure matches all the original design parameters. A few of the repairs performed by Indutch Composites are:

Cosmetic Repair

For Cosmetic Repairs, a cosmetic, non-structural epoxy-based filler is used to restore a surface by having a single ply of glass over the filled area to temporarily keep fluids out and hold the filler inside.

Mechanically Fastened Composite Doubler Repair

Heavily loaded solid laminates are repaired using bolted composite doublers. This type of repair is quicker and causes less damage to the original than scarfed repairs.

Structural Adhesively Bonded Doubler Repair

Bonded external doublers are often used to perform repairs to lightly loaded thin laminate structures, especially with wet layup materials. Bonded doubler repairs almost reach the original strength of the composite part but with significant stiffness and increased weight.

Flush Structural Repair

Flush Structural Repair restores full structural properties by forming a joint between the prepared repair area and the repair patch. Repair areas are first tapered, then damaged plies are removed, application of repair materials to the prepared area, vacuum bagged and finally cured.

Resin Infusion Repair

Resin Infusion uses vacuum pressure to pull liquid resin into a dry reinforcement. Both one-sided and two-sided repairs use resin infusion. This type of repair is beneficial for large structures with sandwich structures like balsa and foam. Resin Infusion is very similar to scarfed repair except the repair materials are laid in dry instead of pre-wet with resin.

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