Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation

Quoting the 2017 Composites World Report, seven of the ten major outdoor sports and recreational activities in the world have incorporated composites in their equipment now. The difference between the first placed and the second placed athlete in a race is often in the milliseconds. The winning athletes achieve this marginal winning edge through a rigorous training regime and the employment of technically superior gear. Composites can give this winning edge to amateurs and elite athletes alike because sporting equipment made from composites have higher durability, higher strength to weight ratios, longer lifespan due to corrosion resistance and more customization compared to their counterparts made from traditional materials.

Indutch Composites believe that sports are an integral part of life, with many competitive athletes in its family. Indutch Composites can manufacture helmets, high-performance bikes, skis, surfboards, skateboards, rackets, golf clubs, bobsleds, hockey sticks, pools and prosthetics for differently abled athletes out of composites. Indutch composites are just not limited to manufacturing sporting equipment as it can make entire rinks, courts and other sporting infrastructure according to the client’s needs.

Ever since Pascal Paddock invented the first fiberglass pool in the forties, composites have become the choice of material for construction in the pool industry. Pools and water slides made from composites benefit from having a  lower cost of ownership, quick development, easy onsite repair-ability, environmental resistance, better insulation, high strength, and dimensional stability. Indutch Composites can make pools of all sizes, diving boards, water slides, and decks according to the clients needs.

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